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The All American Forward Engine provides classic features along with a flexible array of body plans and seating configurations accommodating 36-60 passengers. As a leader in transport, the FE is especially stellar at navigating in densely populated areas and along highly-trafficked, tight and twisty routes. Its enhanced front service door allows easy access to the engine without the need for special tools, thus increasing uptime and reducing maintenance time.


Blue Bird's FE body combines our renowned safety and durability advantages such as one-piece steel roof bows, formed one-piece wheel wells and full, off-the-chassis undercoating with new advances in visibility, serviceability, ergonomics, comfort, and stylish, modern design.

Steel Front and Rear Bumpers

The Blue Bird All American RE features all-steel front and rear bumpers for added safety and durability. Our bumpers are also one of the largest bumpers in the industry!

Passenger Safety Cage

Blue Bird's custom designed one-piece roof bow system ensures safe student transportation.

Decreased Operational Engine Noise

Additional insulation in the engine compartment provides quieter operation, allowing drivers to better hear the children they transport.

Enhanced Defrost Air Flow

Engineered to thaw the higher section of the windshield faster for increased visibility in inclement weather.

50,000 PSI Frame Rails

The Blue Bird Vision is equipped with 50,000 PSI C-channel steel frame rails, giving this bus major stability and durability for increased performance.

Standard Colorado Rack Test Compliance

Our buses meet the Colorado Rack Test rollover specifications in their standard configuration, not as an option like the competition. This highlights the strength of the core bus design.

Improved Driver Visibility

The Vision provides best-in-class forward visibility and exceptional mirror systems that improve driver awareness and increase the safety of passengers around the bus.

Quality & Durability

Building off Blue Bird’s purpose-built product strategy for maximum quality and optimization, the Blue Bird All American FE body design includes exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value.

Most Fuel Efficient Engines

Blue Bird strives to help fleets save money with the industry's most fuel efficient and EPA compliant engines.

Best-In-Class Turning Radius

Increased maneuverability from the short wheelbase and superior handling/steering to enable tight turn and curbside pick-ups if needed.

Larger Entrance Door

The 5% wider entrance door better accommodates bulky carry-on items.

Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column

Easily adjustable tilt/telescoping steering column improves driver ergonomics and accessibility.

Ergonomic Driver's Cockpit

The cockpit has been designed to comfortably fit virtually any body size. The cockpit dashboard is the same as our All American buses for seamless driver transition.

Multiple Options

The All American FE can be equipped with as many options as your operation requires- from specialized seating, to roof racks, to TV monitors- the possibilities are endless.

Many Options Available

Many options are available for your activity or commercial bus, including air/light controls, TV monitors, and more.

ADA-Compliant Lifts

Smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon are available for any of Blue Bird's buses.

Variety of Colors

To satisfy demand for a durable, attractive, high quality paint finish we are using PPG's Delfleet® paint system, which offers a large pallet of colors to choose from.

Multiple Seat Options

A variety of seat plans and configurations are available, including track seating and special needs options, offering our customers optimal flexibility to meet specific passenger needs.

Luggage Racks

A variety of luggage rack systems are available.