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Secured transportation requires custom equipment. From work details to transfer at maximum security levels, Blue Bird offers a model and size custom designed to your specifications. Our T3FE model can accommodate anywhere from 36-60 passengers, while our T3RE can accommodate anywhere from 44-56 passengers.


Safe, reliable transport options for inmates is possible with Blue Bird's security bus options. From secure seating, to window guards, to security systems- we've got you covered.

Window Options

Porthole, splitsash, Shurgard™ and covered window options are available to suit your transportation needs.

Member of the American Jail Association

Blue Bird is a member in good standing with the American Jail Association.

Security Covers

Protect the interior parts of the bus from vandalism with durable metal security covers. Available for interior dome lights, speakers, roof hatches and more.

Blue Bird Shurgard Metal

Blue Bird's exclusive Shurgard™ metal punch is 75% stronger than typical expanded metal, which is perfect for partitions and prevention of vandalism to interior parts.

Video Surveillance and Security

Optional video cameras and alarm systems offer additional security while transporting inmates.

Quality & Durability

For over 80 years, Blue Bird has been building the world's finest bus. Safety, quality, durability and serviceability are our mantras, which is why purchasing a security bus from us is the best choice.

Most Fuel Efficient Engines

Blue Bird strives to help fleets save money with the industry's most fuel efficient and EPA compliant engines.

Multiple Seating Options

A variety of seat plans and configurations are available, including vinyl and fiberglass bench seating, offering optimal flexibility to meet specific customer needs.

Storage Compartments

Storage compartments can be added to the interior or undercarriage of the bus.

Propane Powered Available

With over 6,000 Blue Bird Propane Buses built over the past 8 years, Blue Bird is the number one producer of propane buses in the industry. In fact, Blue Bird has produced 6 times the alternative fuel buses than all of our competitors combined!

Optional Blind-Rear

The rear of the bus can be equipped with metal covering the windows and doors, adding extra security.

Air Conditioning Systems

Blue Bird's integrated air conditioning systems are available for maintaining passenger compartment temperatures with maximum efficiency.