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The combination of smart solutions built into the Micro Bird G5 make it significantly different and innovative. The Micro Bird G5 is the leader in its category, providing the lowest cost of operation, and offers several features that work in harmony with safety to help protect passengers if an accident is unavoidable. We are constantly updating our product, because when it comes to safety, there is no finish line.

By combining top safety features with durable components and a 5-year limited body warranty, you can feel confident that the Micro Bird G5 is not only your best investment, but also your best choice.


Blue Bird's Micro Bird G5 body combines our renowned safety and durability advantages such as one-piece steel roof bows, with new advances in visibility, serviceability, ergonomics, comfort, and stylish, modern design.

Extra Wide Body Design

The Micro Bird G5 is equipped with an extra wide body to offer more aerodynamic styling, wider seating for increased comfort, a 93" interior width at hip, a wider aisle for increased safety, and better compartmentalization.

More-View Window

Maximum visibility of the loading zone is provided by a fully-glassed entrance door and unobstructed "More-View" window. A 32" electric double-opening door comes standard.

LED Lights

LED clearance lights, direction lights and stop lights are standard equipment offering enhanced safety, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Recessed lighting on at the front and back offers savings on potential repair costs due to water infiltration and also increases gasket life expectancy.

Passenger Safety Cage

This galvanized steel body frame ensures that all exterior elements, including dust, moisture and noise, remain outside the passenger compartment. Superior side impact protection is offered by the use of heavy-gauge steel side impact barriers that incorporate the seat rail into the design for extra strength.

School Bus Seats

Integrated child seats and 3-point lap and shoulder seat belts are available for enhanced safety and versatility.

Quality & Durability

Building off Blue Bird's purpose-built product strategy for maximum quality and optimization, the Blue Bird Micro Bird G5 body design includes exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value.

Body Warranty

Because of our high quality body standards, Micro Bird's bus bodies all come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Superior Insulation

The Micro Bird G5 has 1.5" fiberglass insulation throughout the body, including roof bows, which reduces the noise transfer into the passenger compartment, and prevents condensation.

Seat Plans

A variety of seat plans and configurations are available, including track seating and special needs options, offering our customers optimal flexibility to meet specific passenger needs.

Double Action Energy-Absorbing Body Mounting Blocks

The Micro Bird G5 features energy-absorbing body mounting blocks which absorb road vibration, reduce noise transfer to the interior, offer a smoother passenger ride and extend body durability. It also eliminates the need for periodic tightening of body bolts.


Micro Bird's purpose-built design further enhances our best-in-class durability and serviceability, which allows Blue Bird Micro Bird to provide the greatest custom options for bus applications.

Network of Service Centers

With a large network of service centers across North America, your Blue Bird bus will always get the maintenance and repairs it needs in a timely manner. To find a service center near you, visit the find a dealer page.

Gas or Diesel Fueled

The Micro Bird G5 can be equipped with a Ford or GM chassis, with multiple options available, including a choice of gas or diesel.

Special Needs

The Micro Bird G5 school bus delivers exceptional safety and stability, making this bus an excellent choice for your special needs applications. This bus is ready to be equipped with a variety of options to suit the needs of any passenger.

Wheelchair Securement Systems

Our Slide N'Click and floor pocket anchorages offer safe and secure transport for special needs passengers.

ADA-Compliant Lifts

Smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon are available for any of Blue Bird's buses.